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Christmas in Paris – what to do?

Practically every traveler dreams of visiting Paris, because this amazing city, fascinating with its unique charm, is really beautiful. But what could be better than a trip to Paris? Of course, only a holiday in Paris for Christmas!

The capital of France will charm you at any time of the year, but it is especially beautiful in winter. Having appeared in Paris for winter holidays, you will simply fall in love with the bright atmosphere of happiness, celebration and magic, soaring in the air at this time!

However, those travelers who come to the main city of France for the first time, however it may sound, often face the fact that they simply do not know what to do in Paris and what to see. That is why we have compiled a list of 7 things that must be done to those tourists who first appeared in the winter Paris.

Using our recommendations, you will be able to plan your travel program in such a way as to make it as interesting as possible to get to know the festive Paris in all its magnificent Christmas variety.

1. Look at the Christmas markets
Christmas markets in Paris, of course, cannot confidently compete with winter fairs in Austria, Belgium or Germany, but they are very interesting and popular, so you should definitely visit them.

Large and small Parisian fairs, which are attended by thousands of tourists every year, are scattered throughout the city, so you can easily find several Christmas markets near your hotel.

Where are the most popular Christmas markets in Paris: Montmartre, Place de la Republique, Place des Abbesses, Gare Saint Lazare, Place de la Bourse.

2. To go to the rink
Skating rinks are becoming more and more popular Christmas entertainment in Europe. Indeed, ice skating rinks, decorated with festive lights, over which merry music and sincere laughter of guests flow, are simply an excellent source of good mood.

By the way, if you want to go skating, admire the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower, it is better to choose a skating rink in Trocadero.

Please note that some of the ice rinks in Paris are free for those who come with their own equipment.

3. Admire the festive illuminations in Paris
When you are in winter Paris, one of the most amazing experiences is the Christmas illuminations. Paris before the winter holidays is decorated with a myriad of lights and light installations, which each year appear in front of a grateful audience in a new style and theme.

Colored lamps, fluorescent arches, shining trees, shop windows and twinkling lights flashing with multicolored lights adorn the streets of Paris, welcoming the advent of Christmas and New Year with festive radiance. The color of the lights changes every 30 minutes.

Walk down Avenue Montaigne, Place Vendôme, Forum des Halles or Bercy Village to enjoy the magical sensation of the holiday.

4. Organize entertainment for children
If you are going to Paris with children, be sure to think of an interesting entertainment program for your kids, because they, too, should get their portion of incredible Christmas magic!

Of course, Disneyland will be one of the best places where your children can enjoy the atmosphere of a fairy tale during performances, shows, game programs and visits to attractions. It is also worth paying attention to Parisian parks and gardens, in which children’s puppet shows take place, attractions work, and trainers ride babies on a pony.

5. See the Christmas Cave
Many travelers every year are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to visit a real Christmas den, and during their holidays in winter Paris tourists have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy these original static and animated performances in Parisian churches and temples.

The nativity scenes take place during the entire Christmas season, and in each temple they have their own unique style and features of the plot: modern productions, traditional and Baroque dens depict different biblical Christmas scenes, and some churches make whole installations from different scenes and stands.

6. Do not miss the Paris show
Paris is the cultural center of France, so when it comes to the holiday season, the city is filled with a particularly large number of evening and night entertainment for guests of the city and native Parisians.

Light installations, shops and amusement parks – this is not all that Paris can offer its guests. During your walks in the French capital, be sure to visit the Moulin Rouge cabaret, the Opera Bastille and the performances of the famous Parisian circus.

The most popular circuses during the winter holidays are: Cirque Pinder, Cirque National Alexis Gruss and Cirque du Soleil.

7. Shopping in Paris for the winter holidays
In addition to the title of the cultural capital, Paris is also a recognized trendsetter. He is also known for his exquisite fashion and, of course, just incredible winter shopping, which does not leave indifferent.

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