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Sightseeing Budapest

If you are planning to visit Hungary during your trip, be sure to schedule at least a couple of days in your travel program to get to know Budapest, the majestic capital of this country.

The list of sights of the Hungarian capital is really very large, and in order to see at least the main sights of Budapest, one excursion will not be enough – the beauty of this city must be enjoyed slowly, savoring every new impression.

What to see in Budapest? This multifaceted, majestic city is the guardian of a large number of architectural and historical monuments of old Europe: the third largest parliament building in the world, the largest synagogue in Europe, the ancient Matthias Cathedral, the white-stone Fishermen’s Bastion … This is only a tiny part of what a traveler can see while walking according to Budapest!

So what are the best attractions in Budapest? We have prepared for you a brief guide to the most interesting places of this city, located on the banks of the Danube. Our tourist map of Budapest includes the 10 most popular places that always attract the attention of travelers from different countries.

Budapest sightseeing:
1. Budapest Parliament
The monumental parliament building, according to most tourists, is the most worthy contender for the honorary title of the most famous and popular monument of the capital of Hungary. A magnificent example of neo-gothic architecture, which is more than 100 years old. It hosts meetings of the National Assembly, the jewels of the Hungarian crown are kept and, of course, the main attraction of Budapest regularly conducts tours for tourists.

The schedule of excursions usually includes 4 programs per day.

2. Basilica of St. Stephen
St. Stephen’s Basilica (St. Stephen’s Basilica) is the largest Catholic church in Budapest. The sanctuary holds the relics of the first Hungarian king, St. Stephen, placed in a special ark, as well as a statue depicting the full patron saint.

The building, which is the highest in the city, is simply amazing in its size: the height of the basilica is 96 meters, and the area is 4730 square meters. The diameter of the dome of the Basilica of St. Stephen reaches 22 meters. At the same time, there can be up to 8,500 worshipers inside the church during services. On the left tower of the basilica is an observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the city.

3. Budapest State Opera
The building of the State Opera of Budapest, built in the neo-Renaissance style with baroque elements, is a real gem of architecture. The facade of the building is decorated with statues of 16 of the most famous composers of the world. The interior of the opera house is decorated with statues, frescoes and thematic paintings. You can visit the building of the Opera of Budapest not only during concerts, but also with excursions that are held here daily.

4. Royal Palace (Buda Castle)
The once famous medieval royal palace, the construction of which was carried out from the 13th to the 16th century, has a very rich history. The original castle was destroyed during the liberation of Buda from the Turks, after which it was replaced in the 18th century by a smaller baroque palace.

Today, the Buda Castle is home to the Hungarian National Gallery, the Budapest Historical Museum and the National Library.

5. Fishermen’s Bastion and the Church of St. Matthias (St. Matthias)
From the walls of the Fisherman’s Bastion, which, together with St. Matthias Church, a single architectural ensemble, offers a stunning view of Budapest. The seven high towers of the Bastion, topped with gabled roofs, symbolize the seven Hungarian tribes who settled in the territories of today’s Hungary at the end of the ninth century. The castle looks fabulous, so tourists in Budapest always make photos against its background.

The Matthias Church, also known as the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos, was built in the thirteenth century, and during its existence it was destroyed several times, it also turned into a mosque for almost 150 years when Hungary was invaded by the Turks. There is a legend that during the siege of Buda by the troops of the Holy League, one of the walls of the church collapsed, revealing the statue of the Madonna hidden in a secret niche to those praying in the mosque. According to legend, it demoralized the Ottomans so much that Buda was surrendered on the same day.
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