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Recreational places where it is always warm

What could be a winter holiday? Depending on interests, preferences and hobbies, each traveler chooses exactly the travel option that is able to give exactly the impressions that his soul asks.

Some tend to the traditional winter entertainment and go for snow records at ski resorts. Others – go to any of the cities of Europe to enjoy the beauty of a mild European winter in a bright festive entourage. And someone, on the contrary, wants to be away from the snow, frost and the usual pre-holiday bustle, and goes to spend his winter vacation where the summer is all year round.

Holidays in a country with a hot climate can be very different. You can spend it enjoying the blissful idleness and sunbathing on the ocean, conquering the waves on the surf, hunting giant tropical fish or exploring the jungle – the tropics in winter offer a variety of different ideas for an interesting and very bright holiday. We have prepared for you a list of warm countries that even in February can give travelers a truly summer sun!

We have gathered for you 7 of the most popular countries and resorts, which in the cold winter months will delight you with the hot sun, exotic fruits and immaculate beaches.

1. Rest in Egypt in winter
The swimming season in Egypt lasts the whole year, and the winter months are no exception. Therefore, many tourists from Ukraine are happy to come here for the New Year holidays, and thanks to fairly reasonable prices for hotel accommodation and traditional tourist entertainment, in January there are always a lot of foreign guests here.

What to do in Egypt in winter: beach holidays, diving, surfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, excursions, amusement parks.

The most popular winter resorts of Egypt: Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.

2. Holidays in Thailand in winter
If you need a country that is always warm, then you need Thailand! The holiday season here lasts all year round: 12 months of the tropics, the sea and the real exotic, perfectly combined with a variety of excursion programs. What would you like while on vacation? Take a sail and go diving or take a Thai cooking course, try a real Thai massage or do yoga under the guidance of the best mentors? Entertainment in Thailand can be chosen for every taste.

Things to do in Thailand in winter: beach holidays, diving, sailing, excursions, master classes, recovery.

The most popular winter resorts in Thailand: Samui, Phuket Island, Pattaya.

3. Holidays in the Dominican Republic in winter
Winter holidays in the Dominican Republic will give you an indescribable feeling of unity with nature – amazing in its beauty tropical nature, with one of its kind, calls for you to leave all your worries and enjoy the gentle sun, soft beaches and juicy fruits.

Beautiful national parks, picturesque bays and clean beaches fill with serenity and tranquility – what could be better for a romantic or family vacation, when you want to relax, where it is warm!

What to do in the Dominican Republic in winter: diving, beach holidays, excursions to local attractions and national parks.

4. Holidays in India in winter
Another excellent option for those who want to relax in the winter, where it is warm, will be India, the state of Goa.

The mysterious culture of the East, a special local flavor and maximum of the exotic await those who choose to rest in Goa in November or in the winter months. The smallest, but the richest and most modern state of India is divided into two regions, each of which offers travelers completely different holidays.

South Goa offers its guests the most luxurious and, accordingly, the most expensive hotels, cleanest beaches and impeccably picturesque nature. Here you will not be disturbed by noisy companies and loud music from nightclubs – just peace of mind, relaxation and maximum comfort!

North Goa, on the contrary, will appeal to young and very active travelers more: the multitude of diving clubs, the rich underwater world, unique attractions and a wide variety of entertainment combined with lower hotel prices make this region of India very popular among young people.

What to do in Goa in winter: beach holidays, diving, excursions to local sights and nature reserves, visits to ayurvedic medicine centers, various clubs, parties, shopping. For diving, the best season in Goa begins in October and ends in April.

5. Rest in Tunis in the winter
Tunisia in winter will delight its guests with a mild subtropical climate, a variety of unique attractions (here you can visit the famous Carthage), excellent service in local hotels and very reasonable prices for rest.

What to do in Tunisia in the winter: beach holidays, diving, thalassotherapy, yachting, fishing, golf, excursions.

6. Holidays in the Maldives in winter
Maldives is famous all over the world. Luxurious palms, unique coral reefs, picturesque lagoons and an exotic local flavor can make you fall in love at first sight.

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