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China. Gifts from China

Tours to China today are very popular among Ukrainians.

This is not surprising, because the Celestial Empire was and remains a powerful country with magnificent nature and rich cultural heritage.

Every year thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the incredible scenery, delicious local cuisine and, of course, shopping! After all, there is nothing more pleasant than high-quality and really useful gifts from China.

So, what products should you pay attention to during your trip in this country, how to correctly manage the budget and surprise your friends upon returning to Ukraine and, most importantly, what souvenirs do you bring from China?

We present you the top rating of original gifts that can be brought from your tour of China.

Silk underwear
Those who have not yet decided what to bring from China should remember the legendary Chinese silks, which, as is known, were previously the monetary equivalent in China. Luxurious fabrics with exotic patterns have always been highly valued by leading European couturiers. In search of fine and delicate matter, merchants overcame thousands of kilometers, faced with difficult climatic conditions, terrible diseases and bloodthirsty robbers who attacked trade caravans. Their extreme tour in China went down in history under the name of “The Great Silk Road”.

Today, Chinese silk is still considered the best in the world. No, perhaps more refined gift than chic underwear, decorated with authentic handmade embroidery. Beautiful bathrobes with mystical patterns and paradise flowers are made according to special patterns. This neatly hides the figure flaws and vice versa – all its advantages are elegantly emphasized. What can we say about bohemian bed linen, woven by Chinese masters to order? In the bins of local merchants you can also find exclusive sets of bed linen for the newlyweds and children.

Jade Jewelery
Few people know that jade in China was previously valued much higher than silver and gold. The ancient sages believed that it was a “stone of life” that brings financial well-being, success and divine enlightenment. Looking through tours to China, pay attention to excursion offers in Shanghai. It is in this city that the iconic Jade Buddha Temple is located. It has a huge six-meter figure of Buddha, made of a giant single piece of jade! By the way, walking around the shops and souvenir shops of Shanghai, you will see a large assortment of jade jewelry.

Green pebbles have a special mystical significance and have specific healing properties. As practice shows, the owners of jade beads and bracelets are much less likely to complain of neurological disorders, blood pressure and kidney disease. But neat jade earrings will help get rid of insomnia.

Surely on sale you can find special jade rollers. They are used, as a rule, for massage in beauty salons. They eliminate wrinkles, make skin fresh and elastic.

Porcelain dishes
Local porcelain is perhaps the most impressive gift you can bring from your tour of China.

Did you know that in those days, when the Celestial Empire was ruled by the emperors’ dynasty, the manufacturing technology of porcelain dishes was kept in the strictest secret? Those who issued state secrets for the production of paints and glazes for porcelain were threatened with terrible torture and the death penalty. In addition, previously there was a certain limit on the export of Chinese porcelain.

Now, fortunately for tourists, anyone can buy amazing porcelain items. And, despite the fact that the prices of these goods remain quite high, real aristocrats continue to hunt for rare exhibits in pawnshops and antique shops. If you try hard, you can find precious porcelain saucers and vases, delicately painted by Chinese artists several centuries ago.

Surprisingly, each drawing that you see on a teapot or a plate bears a deep meaning and most likely keeps within itself some ancient legend or philosophical thought.

Such gifts from China carry a piece of a great story!

Local drinks
Many Ukrainian travelers bring alcoholic beverages as souvenirs from their tour of China. Most often, these are beautiful bottles with alcoholic reptiles and insects. What just is not on the shelves of Chinese shops! Disassemble what is written on the labels is almost impossible. That is why do not rush to throw money at the first available jars of explosive potion.

First, before you buy a tour to China, pre-specify how much alcohol you can carry with you, and which brands are proven. Secondly, take into account the fact that not every beautiful drink will be tasty. Rice beer, for example, is not popular with visitors. Of all the variety of Chinese goods “spill” Ukrainian tourists often try corn vodka or moonshine from the grass gao.

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