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Rest in Tokyo with a child. What to see?

If you decide to spend your winter holiday with your family in Japan, namely in the capital of this amazing country, you will definitely think about the question: what is the entertainment for children in Tokyo?

To make your New Year’s holiday with children in Japan as interesting and rich as possible, you can always use our list of Japanese parks and game centers for children of different ages to compile an entertainment program.

Here you will find excellent entertainment options for both very young children and teenagers. In addition, on our website you can also see a list of hotels in Tokyo that offer the most comfortable conditions for accommodation with young children, as well as information about the traditions and features of New Year celebrations in Japan. Information about the best children’s parks in Europe may also be useful for you, for example, if you plan to go with your child to rest in Europe, and not in Asia.

Disneyland in Tokyo
For children who are familiar with the Walt Disney Studios cartoons, a trip to Disneyland Tokyo will be just a wonderful gift. But if you expect something special from this Japanese amusement park, you may be a little disappointed – it was created by the standards of European Disneylands, and there is nothing particularly Japanese about the design or functioning of the rides – bright, colorful, fun, but very European.

Disney Sea Amusement Park
But Disney C amusement park will be much more interesting to those who want something unusual and certainly Japanese. Disney C – is a local Japanese development, which you will not find any analogues anywhere else in other countries.

Here you will find many water rides and entertainment that will be more interesting for adults and older children than for kids.

Disney Sea Park is located next to Tokyo Disneyland, and there are many different hotels and souvenir shops around, so you can perfectly combine a visit to these two parks.

Please note: a list of the best hotels for a holiday with a child in Egypt (Aswan).

LegoLand on Odaiba
Both big and small fans of Lego designers will definitely appreciate the LegoLand Discovery Center entertainment center. Here guests can offer a lot of rides and game halls, a cinema and, of course, the attributes of European Legolands that are loved by both adults and children – figures, statues and entire towns, assembled from Lego cubes.

Ghibli Studio Museum
For children who love anime, the museum of the Ghibli studio located in the Mitaka district (a suburb of the capital) will be of particular interest in Tokyo. A rich program is waiting for your child in this small museum – during the tour he will be able to learn more about creating popular anime cartoons, look at the studio in which they are made from the inside and visit the library, which is a source of inspiration for Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.

It is very convenient that the museum has a small cafe and a souvenir shop, but the minus of excursions here can be that almost all the information is provided exclusively in Japanese. English is practically not used here.

Tickets to the museum studio Ghibli should be booked in advance, indicating a specific day and time.

Omotesando Children castle in Tokyo is a great entertainment and learning center for the youngest children.

Here, under the supervision of good teachers and educators, children make crafts from clay in creative studios, paint on walls and learn to climb the ropes, learn different tunnels and labyrinths. On warm sunny days, on the very top floor of the Tokyo Children’s Castle, there is a swimming pool with water and a pool filled with colorful balls, as well as a bicycle area. In addition, there is a music room and an excellent video library, and there are regular performances in the puppet theater.

On a separate floor for parents there is a special room for feeding and hygienic procedures.

Hello Kitty Museum
Almost all young children just love the funny Japanese kitty Hello Kitty, which is one of the first places in Japan among cartoon characters in popularity. So if you go to Tokyo with a small child, be sure to visit the Hello Kitty Museum. The ticket price, of course, is quite high, but your child will be guaranteed just a sea of ​​delight and pleasure from the trip.

Bath complex Oedo-onsen Monogatari
Those who go for the national Japanese flavor will definitely appreciate the Oedo-onsen Monogatari bath complex located on the bulk of the island of Odaiba, in the center of Tokyo.

Here you can not only look from the outside, but also completely plunge into the exotic atmosphere of medieval Japan. Japanese baths and massages, traditional Japanese cuisine and drinks, lots of mummers and magicians on the streets of the old “Edo” will make the rest in this complex very interesting both for adults and children.

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