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Where better to relax on the Azov Sea?

Recently, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in his next bright speech, advised the Russians to recall the unfairly forgotten domestic Russian tourist destinations. As an example, the odious politician cited the resorts of the Sea of ​​Azov. On the eve of the beach season, we decided to pay attention to such an idea and study exactly where and for what purpose it would be worth going, how best to get there and how much the rest will cost.

Geography of the Sea of ​​Azov
Connects the two seas of the Kerch Strait. It is through his ferry to the Crimea the last two years to get the easiest. The western part of the sea belongs to Ukraine, the eastern – to Russia. In the south – the coast of Crimea, the Arbat Bay and Lake Sivash.

Map of the Sea of ​​Azov
The coast of the Azov Sea almost the entire length is dotted with resorts. On the Russian side, the most popular places among tourists are Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Yeisk, stanitsy Golubitskaya and Dolzhanskaya. Going south, you can easily get to the Taman Peninsula and Anapa.

The specificity of the Sea of ​​Azov is in its shallow depth – a maximum of 13.5 meters (this is the smallest sea in the world, with an average depth of ~ 7.4 m). Due to this, with the onset of spring water immediately warms up. The gentle nature of the approaches to the water makes these places optimal for a safe holiday with children.

Yeisk is one of the most visited resorts in the Russian part of the Azov Sea coast. The city was founded over 150 years ago as the “spare” capital of Khan Shagin-Giray. The resort component of Yeisk began to prevail after the Second World War. Local healing mud and warm sea attracted and attract tourists from all over the country.

After the collapse of the USSR, Yeisk somewhat lost its high tourist status, but not for long. People quickly remembered all its benefits and accessibility. Currently, the city has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and the resort part of it is well-landscaped – cycling and walking paths, an aquarium, rides and more.

Yeysk is perfectly suited for swimming – the beaches are spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people, and you can fish on a long shell shell. Lovers of windsurfing and kiting will have to ride to the Dolgaya Spit, which is located 40 km from the city. Equipment can be rented on site, as well as negotiate with the instructors about the lessons.

Beaches Yeisk
A double room in a hotel in June costs about 9 thousand rubles a week on average.

Not far from Yeysk there is another place, beloved by many vacationers – the village of Dolzhanskaya. This resort is located at the very base of the Dolgaya Spit, and those who like a calm measured rest come here. There is a good auto camp, several good hotels, a hotel-shelter for surfers and kite fans, a lot of guest houses. And most importantly – an excellent spacious beach with soft white sand and shell rock.

Dolzhanskaya, the Sea of ​​Azov
A week of hotel accommodation will cost an average of 9 thousand rubles. More budget options can always be easily found – a room in a guest house will definitely be cheaper.

On the way from north to south towards the Black Sea there is another resort town – Primorsko-Akhtarsk. This place is famous for its hydrogen sulfide healing springs and brine, which the nearby estuaries are rich in. The longest beaches of Yasenevskaya and Achuevskaya Spit with their gentle access to water and small pebbles are most appreciated.

Tourists come here not only beyond the sea, the beach and the sun, but also hunting and fishing – the Beysug Estuary and Khan Lake, famous for their waterfowl game, are not far away.

The village of Golubitskaya is located on the shore of the Temryuk Bay. From here it is very close to Anapa and the Kerch ferry. This place is known for its lake and therapeutic mud with a high content of iodine and bromine.

You can settle in any of the many hotels and resorts, many of which have their own pools and spas. Also in the summer season locals willingly rent housing to tourists.

Not far from the village of Golubitskaya are the mud volcanoes Pökla, Hephaestus, Karabetova Sopka, Tizdar, Shugo. People come here to recover from injuries, to treat blood vessels and inflammatory processes, as well as to strengthen the body.

This place, besides health and recreational potential, is not without interesting historical sights. So, at the village of Peresyp you can admire the monument to the legendary “Night Witches”, whose squadron was based at the local airfield. It was here that the city with the “folk” name Tmutarakan was located (now it bears the more prosaic name Taman).

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