We were there: Sopot
The Baltic coast of Europe cannot boast of warm waters and a long beach season, but this does not prevent it from being a popular resort area. A large number…

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We were there: Sopot
The Baltic coast of Europe cannot boast of warm waters and a long beach season, but this does not prevent it from being a popular resort area. A large number…

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The good news for tourists will be that the import and export to the islands of both foreign and local currency is not limited.

As for personal belongings, duty-free importation of 200 ml of perfume, 500 gr. tobacco or 400 cigarettes and 2 liters of alcoholic beverages. The importation of other goods into the country is limited to 3000 SCR.

The importation of weapons is strictly prohibited. Even if you planned to bring pneumatics or guns for spearfishing, it is better to forget about this idea safely.

It is also forbidden to import any plants, vegetables, fruits, unpreserved meat, meat products, medicines and, of course, any narcotic substances to the Seychelles.

But to remove from the archipelago will not work corals, sea shells, products made of tortoise shell, and nuts, “Coco de mer.” More precisely, you can take out such a nut, but only if you have an official receipt for its purchase.

Airports in Seychelles
On the island of Mahe, near the capital, there is Seychelles International Airport (Aéroport de La Pointe la Rue). At this airport, the base of the national carrier of the Seychelles – Air Seychelles. He performs direct flights to Mauritius and to Johannesburg. Also, the airport terminal accepts flights from Dubai, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Abu Dhabi, Doha and regular charters from Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

All inter-island flights are carried out from the domestic terminal of the airport, which is located within walking distance of the international one. In the usual time of year the planes take off here every half hour, and in high season – every 10-15 minutes. Victoria Highway – Providence Highway connects the airport with Victoria, and regular buses run from the capital’s bus terminal.

Seychelles Transport
The connection between even the most remote of the 115 islands of the archipelago (of which only 33 are inhabited) is ensured by numerous ferries and schooners. Tickets are sold directly on board and cost about 70 SСR per one way fare.

Also, internal communication with major tourist areas, as well as customized flights to remote islands, is provided by Seychelles Helicopter. The cost of this carrier costs about 4000 SCR for 60 minutes of flight.

On the territory of the islands you can also travel by local buses. By the way, the Seychelles bus network is also quite well developed. The fare on the Seychelles bus is about 3-5 SCR. And on the island of Mae, you can even take a taxi. The cost of a taxi here is usually 5 SCR per kilometer, and the first kilometer is paid at the rate of 15 SCR. All cars of the local fleet are equipped with meters.

If you want something more exotic, on the island of La Digue you can be offered bicycles or oxen sleds. By the way, the latter even have license plates of quite an automobile type.

Rent a car in the Seychelles
If you want to rent a car in Seychelles, you will be required to have a national or international driver’s license, driving experience of at least three years and, of course, no less than 22 years old. But before renting a car, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons: the traffic is left-sided, there are many difficult mountain roads and the quality of the road surface is not the best. The maximum allowable speed in the city – up to 45 km / h, and outside settlements – up to 65 km / h. The maximum allowable speed in the Seychelles is allowed only on the highway leading to the airport: as much as 80 km / h.

And the number of gas stations residents of European cities can be a long time disheartening – on the island of Mae there are only 6, and in Praslin in general 2.

If you still decide to take the risk and still rent a local car, choose the model of off-road vehicles with high traffic – the quality of local roads, alas, requires.

But in the Seychelles there are many offices offering rental bicycles at very affordable prices. But here, too, there are difficulties – the number of available two-wheeled vehicles is often much smaller than the number of people willing to rent it.

If your vacation in the Seychelles coincides with the last Saturday of the month, you will be able to see a huge (by local standards) crowd of local residents – after receiving their salary, they massively go to Victoria to make purchases. On this day, the city just boils, and free parking is not left in the morning.

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