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Have not yet decided exactly where you will meet the winter holidays this year? If you want to plunge into the unusual atmosphere of a winter fairy tale and touch the traditions, you can celebrate New Year and Christmas in one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe – Poland.

If you go to rest this winter in Poland, you can be sure that this winter vacation will be unforgettable for you and your loved ones.

Poland is an amazing country with a long history, shrouded in many secrets and legends.

The Poles anxiously keep their traditions, so here you can still see a lot of amazing customs in life, try traditional Polish dishes cooked according to old recipes and, of course, learn a lot of new and interesting things about this exciting country with its indescribable color.

St. Sylvester Day
Did you know that the New Year in Poland is also called the Day of Saint Sylvestre? It is believed that Pope Sylvester I died on December 31, so for Poles, as for Catholics, December 31 is more St. Sylvester’s Day than the New Year. On this day in Poland they give prayers to the saint, wear festive carnival costumes and even use the expression Sylvester-Klaus (a variation from Santa Claus). If during your New Year’s holiday in Poland you hear the question: “Where do you plan to meet Sylvester?”, You should know – they are asking you about the New Year’s Eve.

New Year in Poland always surprises Ukrainian tourists with the absence of crowds and huge crowds of people on the streets of cities in the last days of December. Most Poles celebrate Christmas with their families, after which they leave to rest, returning directly to the New Year. That is why the pre-Christmas days in Poland are so convenient for tourists – at this time you can safely walk around the city, visit local sights and just enjoy the beauty of the winter Polish architecture.

Winter holidays in Poland
New Year in Poland is always noisy and very merry – by the evening of December 31, many people appear on the streets of cities, and a real winter holiday begins. Therefore, by 7-8 pm, be sure to go to the center of the city – there, on the squares and adjacent streets, dancing will begin, street actors and musicians will perform, fireworks will thunder and the Gzhanets will flow. It is worth noting that each Polish city has its own program for New Year’s Eve, so every year you will definitely see something new.

New Year’s holidays in Poland last from December 25 to January 2 — such a difference from the New Year holidays, which are usual for Ukrainians, is due to the fact that Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25 rather than January 7, as in Orthodox countries. At the same time, Christmas in Poland is the most important winter holiday.

Christmas in Poland
Since Christmas night in Poland is traditionally considered a family holiday, most Poles try to meet him at home, and every family has to make obligatory preparations. Every Polish hostess since the morning starts a general cleaning of the house, prepares twelve dishes, decorates the rooms and decorates the Christmas tree. The festive table is prepared in strict accordance with church traditions, so all dishes that are prepared for Christmas Eve are always lean: fish, porridge, traditional red borschok with ears, Christmas baking. In addition, there is always a big dish with wafers on the Polish Christmas table, and in some Polish families they still put a little straw under the Christmas table in memory of the Bethlehem Cave.

Celebrating Christmas in Poland, you will be surprised at the hospitality of the Poles – traditionally, the celebration is sure to invite lonely people to join, because on this magical evening no one should be alone, and people are always ready to share with others a part of their Christmas tale. And at the Christmas table they always leave a free place – what if some guest looks in on the light? And on December 25 in Poland there is a tradition to visit each other. Owners of the house are sure to bring food and wine, congratulate them on the coming Christmas and generously share their festive mood with those around them.

Winter Warsaw
Warsaw during the winter holidays is a fascinating sight. In the New Year on the streets of the city you will find many statues and figures of angels, flowing bells and garlands burning with festive lights decorating houses and trees. And on each door a small Christmas wreath of pine needles, decorated with ribbons, berries and small bells, hangs. On the central square of Warsaw is the main tree of the country and fireworks soar, so irresistible fun reigns around it and this holiday does not stop. If you decide to celebrate New Year 2014 with your family in Warsaw, you will give yourself and your loved ones an amazing winter tale that will never be forgotten.

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