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Walking through Vienna. Cultural weekend
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The beaches of Tel Aviv: choose a place to relax

The beaches of Tel Aviv are thirteen official beaches located along the 14-kilometer quay on the Mediterranean coast in Israel. Since April, and even locals and tourists are catching up to them before. But only in May, when rescuers climb to their viewing points, the swimming season is officially open.

In July jellyfish join the holidaymakers and become the main inhabitants of coastal waters. By this time, the air is heated so much that people without regret give them their territory. On the beach are only the most desperate tourists. Those who are not afraid to burn themselves on jellyfish or sand.

By September, the unbearable heat and invertebrates are receding. Once again, hotels, apartments and numerous apartments for rent in Tel Aviv are wildly popular among tourists, who are distributed along the coast in accordance with their interests. The swimming season lasts until November, and in December, the beaches are completely empty.

Parking for yachts divides the coastal zone of Tel Aviv into two parts. North has a pronounced local color and is focused mainly on the inhabitants of the city. South stretches to Jaffa and is popular with both locals and tourists.

Metzizim beach
This is the first beach of the northern part, from which it is worthwhile to begin the study of the coastal strip. He was famous for rescuers, fun lads from the eponymous Israeli comedy. Metzizim translates as “peeping” and according to the plot of the film, the main characters worked in this very place.

Despite the fact that the beach is small and almost always full of people, in 2013 it was awarded the Blue Flag. This means that the water here is very clean. Nearby is the Tel Aviv port with a bunch of cafes and shops. There is also a large farmers market, opened by hipster friends in 2010. The contingent is mainly locals – young people and couples.

This is a beach for Orthodox Jews. Fenced off from the rest of the world, the beach has a strict schedule. Men are allowed to go to the water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; women on tuesday, thursday and sundays. On Saturday, as you can guess, swimming is not encouraged. In women’s days, in order not to embarrass men on the nearby beaches, women who love topless join the religious ladies. Orthodox Jews treat this with understanding.

Dog beach
Dog lovers walk and bathe near their pets. This is the only beach where you can go with pets.

Hilton gay beach
Representatives of LGBT – community guys are funny and good-natured. Even if you do not consider yourself in their group, do not be afraid to sunbathe nearby. None of these guys will pester you.
Those who have long wanted to try to resist on the surf, are obliged to take a couple of lessons at a local club. It is considered the best for beginners, and the beach is the favorite place for virtuosos to catch the wave.

Behind the white yachts sailing in place, a full-fledged tourist zone begins. Opens the list of the south side, the beach for sports enthusiasts. Sun-grounded makot games gather here. They are beating at the ball with wooden rackets with such a sound that if you close your eyes, it seems as if a team of builders urgently erects a summer cafe nearby. Through the stretched net you can play volleyball. In general, the place is suitable for those who love outdoor activities or have never seen a frisbee who has flown over the whole beach caught under a T-shirt.

Frishman and Bograshov
Two clean, quiet and similar to each other beach. Like almost everywhere on the coast, there is free Wi-Fi. The wooden arbors reminding arbors, serve as protection from the sun. People a little – mostly tourists, with a touch of local. Nearby, on Ben Yehuda Street, there are shops and cafes. Landmark, perfectly serves as the rainbow-colored building of the hotel Dan Tel Aviv.

So that the Jerusalem people living far from the sea were not so sad, this beach was named after their city. There are almost no locals here. The audience is motley and rather noisy. Nearby is Allenby Street. On Sabbath, when buses do not go, from here you can get to the center by bus.

Banana beach
Another beach, which was chosen by surgists. Lovers of yoga and other physical practices rest here with them. In the eponymous cafe is always fun and close. Nearby is the central bus stop Carmelit. Fans of local color definitely need to look at the Caramel market located in a ten-minute walk. Everything is sold here – from food to clothes. You can enjoy oriental sweets and buy excellent leather sandals for 50 shekels.

Drum beach
At the foot of the dolphinarium that was blown up as a result of the terrorist attack in 2001, drummers gather on Fridays. The orchestra there-tamov solemnly accompanies the setting sun and gathers around people ready to dance at any moment.

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