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Where better to relax on the Azov Sea?
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The most beautiful places of Sintra

Sintra is known to all as the residence of the Portuguese kings, the meeting place of masons, Templars and views from Cape Roca. These requests are most often found on the Russian-language Internet, but are these really the most amazing places? We were in Sintra and saw all of the above with our own eyes. Honestly, I remember the beaches most of all, and not popular places among tourists.

For the sake of an article about Sintra, I conducted a survey in my Instagram, which places of Sintra are the most beautiful. Here is the result – the rating of the most beautiful places in Sintra.

Wild beach among the rocks in a small gorge. The descent takes about twenty minutes, not hard, but with children I would not recommend there to climb. On the way there are great views, but the most-most on the beach. There are not many people there because of the difficult descent.

On the way to Praia da Ursa it is easy to get lost – many fake paths leading to the cliffs. The problem is easily solved by the maps me application.

We lived in a village near Praia das Azenhas do Ma. Every day the landscape changed, then the waves enigmatic pattern on the beach would draw or flood it altogether. You can go down the stone stairs from the city or the observation deck. The beach has a restaurant and a natural swimming pool with sea water.

Fairy-tale castle-toy. But it is better to come early, after 11 not push through and all the photos will be on the background of tourists. Due to the fact that the castle on the mountain from its observation platforms can be seen all of Sintra. When the castle has a gift shop with overpriced and a restaurant.

Palace de Pena is located in a huge park, where there is another castle Moors, the royal lakes and the Templar well. It’s hard to get around in the park in one day, and I’m very sorry that we had one day in Sintra. At least it is better to stay in the town for two days.

How to pronounce it, you ask? Praia das Masanch – reads in Russian. And the literal translation – “Apple Beach”. Near the river flows Colares, which flows into the ocean. Previously, there were many apple orchards around the river. Therefore, in season, the river carried apples that fell from the trees into the ocean and then carried the surf to the beach.

The extreme point of Europe is only the Atlantic Ocean. And everything sounds so romantic, but if you previously traveled to Peniche or Cascais, Cape Roca will not be very surprised. There are a lot of similar landscapes throughout Portugal and with a not so insane influx of tourists. I personally liked the landscape a little further, see the photo below. From here, about 20-30 minutes on foot along the paths along the ocean you can walk to Praia da Ursa.

The beach is adored by all surfers of Sintra for its length and the absence of sharp rocks close by. There is a swimming pool and surf school – an ideal place for beginners. And from here often begin the trip to Cape Roca.

How to get there and how much?
There are trains to Sintra from Lisbon. Ticket buy on the same card as the subway. It costs 2.20 €. Cheap for 20 km, as for Europe, right? And surprises begin in Sintra, where the road is expensive. Rates:

5 € from the train station to the Pena Castle and the Moors by bus. We walked 2.5 km upwards, but for us this is a normal distance and not a difficult climb. With small children it is better to drive up.
7.5 € entrance to the park to the Pena Palace with the ability to walk around the open part of the castle and climb onto its viewing platforms. For visiting the museum in the palace another 7.5 €. If you come from 9 to 10 in the morning you will have a discount of 1 €.
8.5 € entrance to the castle of Moors.
4 € bus from Sintra station to Cape Roca.
0 € and 20 minutes walk from Cape Roca to Praia da Ursa beach. Buses do not go there, but you can get to the beach by your own transport.
3,5 € to Praia das Macas beach from Sintra by 441 bus. The bus goes from Rua Camara Pestana street. This bus also passes through Praia das Maçãs, so you can plan a route so that you can visit both beaches in one trip.
3 € to Praia Grande beach from Sintra by bus 439.

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