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Which coast of Crimea is better to choose for a holiday?

On the scale of the whole of Russia, it may seem that the Crimea is quite tiny. But in fact, it is larger in area than Slovenia, Macedonia or Montenegro – the most popular tourist countries.

Which coast of Crimea is better to choose for a holiday?
That is why the main resort Russian region is so diverse, and its different parts are so different from each other. Consider the key features of the eastern and western coasts, we define the advantages of each of them, in the end we answer the question – which coast of Crimea is better to choose for recreation?

the south coast of Crimea
The southern coast of the Crimea means the 150-km coastal strip conditionally from Alushta to Foros, along which there are about 30 settlements. The western part of the South Coast of Crimea, from Alushta to Cape Aia, is especially popular with tourists.

Holidaymakers are attracted by the mild subtropical climate with its lush vegetation, gentle summer sun and mild, relatively warm winter. Thanks to this combination, many people compare these places with Greece or Italy.

It is on the South Coast that most of the most recognizable sights of the peninsula are concentrated – the legendary Swallow Nest, Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, the Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall, the Marble Cave and others.

Which coast of Crimea is better to choose for a holiday?
The south coast of Crimea. Photo 1
The swimming season on the South Coast begins a little later than on the west coast. The sea warms up to a comfortable temperature for most vacationers in late May – early June. But the South Coast has its advantage – the season here lasts longer than in the rest of the Crimea – until October. The southern coast is characterized by relatively narrow beaches with often steep approaches to the water.

If the Eastern Coast of Crimea cannot be called a complete antagonist of the South Coast of Ukraine, it’s certainly not the same. There is no such infinite brilliance here, but in abundance there are endless picturesque open spaces, a number of the most interesting monuments left after the ancient and medieval eras.

From the east to the main part of the Crimea adjoins the Kerch Peninsula, separating the Black and Azov Seas. The peninsula is known for its picturesque bays of fancy shapes, deep grottoes, high cliffs and cliffs. Rest in these places is valuable predictability of the weather – it rains rarely, and in the number of sunny days, WBC is second only to the west coast. Sea breezes well compensate for the general aridity of the climate, so summer high temperatures do not cause discomfort.

Travelers who prefer WBC, most often organize holidays in Koktebel, Sudak or Novy Svet. This place, by the way, is located closest to the Kerch ferry, for which it is often preferred by tourists traveling from mainland Russia by car.

There are plenty of options for recreation and all sorts of interesting – the Genoese fortress in Sudak, the Aivazovsky Museum in Feodosia, the house of Maximilian Voloshin in Koktebel. Anyone can also taste the champagne from the collection of Prince Galitsyn. In general, the beach vacation at the IBD is perfectly combined with sightseeing tours.

Beaches on the East Coast of Crimea
More importantly, the East Coast is perhaps the most preferable for families with children. In some bays, the water (shallow) warms up to 30 degrees, and on the beaches fine soft sand prevails.

West Bank of Crimea
It is well known that the Crimea was deservedly called the All-Union health resort even in the USSR. So, most of the healing potential of the peninsula is concentrated on the west bank. Here are the famous resorts Saki, Nikolaevka, Evpatoria.

The length of the “tourist” part of the west coast is several tens of kilometers. It is noticeably cooler here than on the South Coast and the South Coast, the air is drier and the beach season is shorter. Landscapes are not so impressive either – the flowering steppe burns out by the middle of summer, but we don’t forget – they mostly come here for a health improvement, and the cost of living here is more “sparing”.

Most tourists flock to Evpatoria, famous for its healing mud and saline waters of healing lakes. Also very interesting is the “Little Jerusalem” – the historical part of Evpatoria. By the beginning of June, the water on the coast is warming up to comfortable temperatures. Gentle beaches in the best way contribute to the safe rest of children.

Saki, the largest balneological center of the country, is no less famous throughout Russia. The resort is located right on the shores of Lake Saki. Therapeutic mud is indicated for a variety of health problems – diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the joints, and rehabilitation after injuries and operations. On the whole peninsula, this resort is best adapted for people with disabilities.

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