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Holidays in May holidays – where to go?

The May holidays are close, and many of us have already wondered where to go on May Day in Ukraine, especially since the weather makes us happy with the gentle spring sun, promising even more warmth for the long-awaited weekend.

Fascinating excursions to the ancient cities of Ukraine, picturesque nature, majestic mountains and serene sea – in our country there are many places that are worth visiting this spring to take a break from working everyday life and to fully feel the onset of spring.

We have prepared a list of ideas for holidays on the May holidays, which will help you choose exactly the trip that will make you a little happier and give you a great mood.

So, for a start it is worth clarifying the weekend for the May holidays 2017 in Ukraine. Officially, we rest for three additional days – May 1 and 2 (Monday and Tuesday), as well as May 9 (Tuesday).

Also, employers are recommended to make May 8, Monday, an additional day off, which is then expected to work on Saturday, May 13. This order of weekends and holidays will allow you to organize both a small weekend tour and a full weekly trip to the far corners of the country, adding a few days to the official weekend on vacation.

And on the Online Tikets site you can not only buy train and bus tickets in Ukraine, but also order tickets for festivals, tours and even tours in the Events section.

Cultural: May holidays in Lviv
Lviv is the most beloved by tourists (not only from Ukraine) city. Here you can organize a great holiday for travelers with a variety of tastes and interests – ancient architecture, quaint bending streets, paved with stone many centuries ago, majestic cathedrals and flowering parks, various museums and, of course, famous coffee shops, in which even the air filled with notes coffee, spices and chocolate, looks like a special delicacy. The magical atmosphere of the most beautiful city of Ukraine will not leave anyone indifferent.

During the spring holidays, the already incredible city is transformed – in early May, the City Day is traditionally celebrated in Lviv. In 2017, the City Day in Lviv will be held on May 6 and 7. Also on May 1 and 2, an original festival, the Day of the Batiar, will unfold here.

A lot of concerts, festivals, fairs and exhibitions paint the city in all the colors of the holiday, guaranteeing the guests of Lviv many unforgettable impressions and good mood.

Coffee: May in Kamenetz-Podolsky
Everyone knows that the Kamenetz-Podolsk bastion is one of the most beautiful ancient fortresses in Ukraine. People come here for a fabulous entourage for weddings, historical festivals and films are being made here. But few people know that in 2017 on the May holidays, Kamyanets-Podilsky will become the most attractive place in the country for real coffee-makers, because it is here from May 6 to 9 that an unusual festival will be held – “Kamenetskaya Turk”.

The coffee festival in Kamenetz-Podolsk will acquaint guests with the most varied coffees and recipes of its preparation; master classes on creating delicious coffee masterpieces, tastings and fairs will be held here. And also during the festival, musicians and actors will perform, interesting contests and even fortune telling will take place.

Beautiful: Carpathians in May
Crystal-clear air filled with the scent of flowers and waking forests, the emerald slopes of the mountains and the colorful Carpathian villages wrapped in the lush cherry-colored gardens – if you think that you should go to the Carpathians only for winter holidays, you should definitely see them in spring. You can feel fantastic serenity and tranquility, touch the pristine nature and relax from the routine of office everyday life.

And here you will find many interesting ideas for outdoor activities – horseback riding, hiking, canoeing on mountain rivers, mountaineering, excursions to the sights of the Carpathians and much more. Everyone will find here something of their own, special, which will be a life-giving panacea for the weary modern man who is tired of the ant-megalopolises.

Tasty: May Day in Odessa
The end of April and the beginning of May in Odessa is really tasty, because here there are several large-scale gastronomic festivals. Warm sunny weather, a beautiful endless sea, the famous Odessa flavor, cheerful friendly atmosphere and all sorts of goodies will make spring holidays in Odessa enjoyable and interesting.

Stroll along Primorsky Boulevard, visit a couple of performances in the Odessa Opera House, relax in the original Odessa courtyards and enjoy local delicacies in the cozy cafes and restaurants. We also recommend going to the Shabo winery – here you will find not only interesting excursions in the wine and brandy production, but also quite pleasant tastings of local products and, of course, good alcohol shopping.

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