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Cheat sheet for tourists: the beaches of Israel

The resorts of Israel are very loved by Ukrainian tourists – they conquer travelers with their diversity and opportunities for recreation and for recreation. Do you want to go diving and swim in the bizarre world of coral thickets, take a healing mud bath, play volleyball or even chess, soak in a lounge chair with a book from a special beach library – please, this is all there and even more!

A pleasant bonus is also the security system on Israeli beaches – vigilant rescuers, who, by the way, know many foreign languages ​​and can even freely speak sign language, keep a sharp eye on the situation on the beach, and if necessary are always ready to instantly assist those who are needs it.

About 60% of Israel’s popular among foreign tourists beaches are located along the Mediterranean coast, they occupy about 200 kilometers of coastline – Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Netanya, Herzliya, Akko, Ashkelon. The rest of the beach areas are located on the shores of the Red, Dead and Galilean seas.

Today we will tell you about the top five best beaches in Israel – completely different and, of course, very interesting, where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday!

The best beaches of Israel
If you like noisy parties, beach parties, and parties on the coast, falling asleep only at dawn, you will surely enjoy the coast near Tel Aviv – lively club life does not stop here until morning. If, on the contrary, you like a quiet rest in a tranquil environment – go to the North coast of the Western Galilee. For those tourists who want to improve their health while on holiday in Israel, the beaches on the shores of the Dead Sea are perfect, next to which there are many hospitals and recreation centers.

Tel Aviv Beaches
The beaches of Tel Aviv are considered the best in Israel, and for good reason. The length of the central urban beach area is 10 kilometers of the coastline, and it is also divided into 10 zoned internal beaches, each of which can offer their own “chips” to the guests. And since each such internal beach has its own characteristics, it is they that form its audience.

Locals usually prefer beaches located in the north, while tourists choose zones in the central part of the city. Southern beaches are popular among residents of Jaffa and hipsters. By the way, one of the beaches in the northern part of Tel Aviv was chosen by representatives of sex minorities.

Please note: Most of the beaches in Tel Aviv are free, but parking is paid everywhere – this should be taken into account for tourists who travel by private car or rent a car in Israel.

Eilat beaches
One of the most favorite tourist resorts, Eilat, can offer its guests a large selection of beach areas with a total length of over 12 kilometers. The best beach in Eilat is Coral Beach, which divers especially love for fantastic coral reefs. Another beach tourist attraction of Eilat is communication with dolphins. You can see these wonderful sea animals in the Dolphin Reef Park, and off the coast of Dolphin Beach, where you can swim with dolphins. Entrance to the dolphin beach is paid, the price of a ticket, depending on the season, can be 40 – 58 shekels.

Beach in the resort of Herzliya
The resort town of Herzliya, located between Netanya and Tel Aviv, offers travelers all the conditions for luxury rest. Solid hotels, fabulous restaurants and noisy bars allow you to organize a great vacation even for the most demanding tourists, and parties that last until the deep evening will not allow any guest of this prestigious resort to get bored. The length of the beach is about 6 kilometers, next to it there are many attractions, and the resort’s infrastructure is well developed.

Caesarea beach
Another popular tourist beach in Israel is Caesarea beach (Caesarea Beach), which is located 50 kilometers north of Tel Aviv. Next to it are the ruins of an ancient Roman aqueduct, and the sand is very light and clean. Especially the coast comes to life during the weekends, when, besides tourists, locals also come here.

Dead Sea Beaches
Holidays at the Dead Sea is known worldwide for its beneficial effects on human health. Most of the beaches on the coast of the Dead Sea are located on the south coast, in the resort of Ein Bokek, and belong to private hotels, so almost all of them are paid. But this is more than offset by a well-developed infrastructure and well-groomed areas.

If you want to get the most out of your vacation at the Dead Sea, visit the spa resorts located on the beach of Mineral Beach – healing mud, mineral baths and wellness treatments really work wonders!

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