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Travel savings – simple tips

Probably, each of us is familiar with the situation when, during the parsing of suitcases, after resting a whole mountain of souvenirs and things were acquired that were so enthusiastically acquired during the holidays, and after returning, when you look at them, the only thought is spinning: bought it?

It is no secret that during our travels we look at the world differently, and everything that surrounds us is perceived in a special light – such a festive mood from childhood. Naturally, many of the most different goods, services, souvenirs, treats, etc. that are presented to us during the holidays are perceived as favorably as possible, and as a result, the total amount of travel expenses is quite impressive, an order of magnitude more than planned.

How to save on travel? In addition to the most obvious advice – not to buy unnecessary – we have prepared for you a list of useful recommendations that will help you save a lot of money without indulging yourself in simple joys and pleasures, namely those that make the rest pleasant and carefree.

We save on insurance
Travel insurance policies – a very useful thing, the choice of which is often treated without proper attention. Usually, most tourists choose insurance according to the “cheaper the better” principle, but such an approach can entail rather unpleasant consequences. The meaning of the insurance policy is not in its availability, but in the guarantees it provides – a guarantee of qualified medical assistance provided on time, medications provided, and, most importantly, payment of medical bills during the trip.

What could be worse than being in a difficult situation in a foreign country? Is that only to detect the inability of the acquired policy to cover the cost of medical care due to the fact that the injury is not an insurance case, or because of the too small amount of insurance coverage.

How to avoid this: carefully choose the insurance company and type of policy, read the terms of insurance and the list of insurance claims. If you plan to go in for sports during your holidays, for example, skiing, make out a tourist sports insurance policy.

How to save on luggage?
Many tourists, especially the fair sex, do not see anything shameful in things taken “in reserve”. Weather jacket and one more – if it is cool, but not very cold. And denser jeans. Two. And one more pair of shoes to them. And this wonderful sweatshirt with a smiley. And a few dresses for walking. And be sure to have a beautiful dress for going to a restaurant or a concert. And now … And yet …

As a result, a suitcase with things at least turns out to be clogged, and as a maximum – another bag joins it. As a result, we get a rather big surcharge for luggage overweight or for additional bags. And if, even on the way there, the weight and dimensions of the suitcases fit into the established framework, then on the way back, after tamping down all the new things and souvenirs – is no longer a fact.

Remember that hotels usually have laundry facilities, and their services are often much cheaper than baggage tax.

VIP lounges of airlines
Modern VIP-lounges of many airlines have long been inconsistent with the exclusive premium image that was before. Minimalistic atmosphere without any frills, patterned interiors and quite an ordinary level of service – this is what awaits the passenger in most cases. And if you add to this an impressive number of people (any passengers can get here, having paid for the entrance), then the pleasure of waiting for your flight here in the end turns out to be rather doubtful. In some airports, of course, everything is really top notch, but sometimes the result does not justify the means, so it is better to clarify in advance which VIP room at the airport in order to understand whether it is worth visiting.

How to save money on travel
Cafes and restaurants, focused on tourists, often offer an inflated check, and noisy crowds of noisy travelers also do not have to rest in a relaxed atmosphere. Do you want to eat tasty, comfortable, cheap, and even enjoy the atmosphere and real local flavor? Choose the places that locals go to. The locals can recommend a good non-tourist place, so do not hesitate to ask them for advice.

Expensive cheap taxi
Illegal taxis usually offer prices an order of magnitude lower than official ones, but such savings can be simply dangerous – at least you won’t turn on the meter to call an overpriced price, or take roundabout ways to lengthen the route, as much as possible – they can even rob. Before getting into the car, make sure that the car has a company logo and that it is readable, that there is a sign with tariffs and so on. If the car is parked separately from the rest of the taxi, and away from the police patrols – the obvious conclusions, I think, can be done immediately.

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